mRx-7: A new weapon for cancer

mRx-7: A new microRNA cancer therapeutic

miReven is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing mRx-7 as a new cancer therapy.

The world of RNA-based therapeutics is an entirely new clinical treatment paradigm providing novel solutions to intractable clinical problems, such as cancer. mRx-7 is a synthetic small double stranded RNA (dsRNA) chemically modified mimic of microRNA-7 (miR-7) that we have designed, which is a potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth via disruption of a growth factor receptor known as the EGFR.

miReven was launched in 2010 and has developed a strong granted international patent portfolio based on miR-7’s effects, alone and in combination with other agents, in several different cancers.

With a highly skilled research and synthetic RNA team, extensive publications and a portfolio of international patents (for “methods” and “composition of matter”), miReven is poised to revolutionize the way we treat these diseases using mRx-7 to significantly improve the outcome of patients with the hardest to treat cancers.